To say the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is challenging, confusing and intimidating is an understatement. SolutionWare, Ltd. offers you a solution to manage the demanding information and reporting requirements which the ACA imposes on companies.

There are many critical issues associated with ACA information compliance, some are:
- Defining the correct detail data to timely acquire and track
- Interfacing to other information sources
(Payroll, POS, Benefits, HR, etc.)
- Staying current on new ACA reporting requirements
- Tracking Employee historical data
- Keeping current on ACA impact, including possible penalties
- Requirements to track detail status, benefits, hours, pay, etc.
- Generating reports for benefits providers and other requestors

Needless to say, this complexity brings with it a tremendous burden on your current staff, significant cost and is beyond most companies capability and management processes. There is a way to address these problems in an efficient, cost effective solution SolutionWare's ACA Data Management and Reporting Solution.

In addition to this support, SolutionWare offers an electronic on-boarding system to manage new employees information, forms, etc. Known as E-on, this method utilizes a unique electronic signature function which greatly reduces the time required to complete New Hire packets. All forms are kept in an electonic library for easy reference and retrieval. E-on makes the new employee on-boarding process much more efficient and easy to use.

ACA Data Management & Reporting
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