SolutionWare has over a 20 year history of providing quality solutions to hundreds of clients. These information solutions range from licensed, modular ERP software packages to Cloud based application and BI reporting support. Elements of SWL's ERP solution includes multiple accounting modules including Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Financial Statements, Sales Reporting, Payroll, Human Resource, Accounts Recievable and more. These unique industry specific solutions have had significant impact in the multi-unit Restaurant, Oil & Gas and other industries. We also have an expanded base of solutions due to our strategic relationships with other providers.

SolutionWare offers a unique Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud based service to provide executives with the ability to make operational decisions based on accurate, factual, timely information vs "best guess". On-demand BI reporting access is available through mobile devices such as Smartphones, iPads, Laptops, etc. Our solutions are provided under an Application Service Provider (ASP) model via Cloud Hosting or as licensed software running on a server on the client's premise. Our data acquisition system is "POS or other data source agnostic".

Our people are the foundation of our success. Our continuing support gives our clients the security blanket they need to be successful. Our experienced staff has extensive knowledge of many platforms and delivery methodologies. We also have done significant analysis, design and programming projects. This means that we are often the first “port of call” for diverse areas of our clients needs.

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