Business Intelligence (BI) is an executive reporting solution that includes the applications, infrastructure, tools and best practices that enable access to and analysis of critical executive information to improve and optimize decisions and performance. SolutionWare's mobile BI service, is a unique solution to access critical information, when and where you need it.

These solutions are provided under an Application Service Provider (ASP) model via Cloud Hosting or as licensed software running on a server on the client's premise. SolutionWare has a history of providing Executive reporting in multiple formats. As such, SolutionWare offfers a unique Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud based service to provide executives with the ability to make operational decisions based on accurate, factual, timely information vs "best guess". This on-demand BI reporting access is available through mobile devices such as Smartphones, iPads, Laptops, etc.

- Company specific, cloud based, mobile Business Intelligence
- Operational decisions made on accurate, factual, timely information vs " best guess"
- Low cost of acquisition and swift implementation
- Fast visibilty shortens the time to make important, money making decisions
- Our data aquisition system is "POS or data source agnostic"
- Reporting and access through mobile devices (iPad, Smartphone, etc.)
- Faster answers to your business questions
- Define and report timely Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
- High performance, scalable approach for future growth
- Helps you find root causes and take corrective action for problems
- Security supporting "the right information in the right hands"
- Key team members kept up-to-date with the latest intelligence for their area of responsibility
Business Intelligence Services
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