SolutionWare has over a 20 year history of providing quality solutions to our clients. Our experienced staff has extensive knowledge of many platforms and delivery methodologies. The extensive technical expertise of SolutionWare covers platforms from the iSeries to MS Server applications. The SolutionWare information solutions range from licensed, modular software packages to Cloud based BI reporting. Paperless document scanning and EDI methodologies are also supported. We perform client specific detailed analysis, design and programming projects.

We can help review your current information approach and define a more effective and efficient methods to better support your corporate objectives. This may include changes or additional functions for your legacy system. It may also include new methods such as electronic or paperless solutions. Our network support expertise extends over multiple platforms and technologies including communication and security solutions.

Clients have realized significant efficiencies by utilizing our experienced analysis, design and programming services. These solutions are specific to each clients needs.

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